No Boundaries with BerganKDV2020-03-26T00:23:13-05:00

No Boundaries with BerganKDV

Project Description

No walls. That mantra was a reccurring theme in the new branding of our client, BerganKDV. No walls. No boundaries. Sure it sounds cool, edgy even, but what does it actually mean? By taking a side-by-side deep dive with BerganKDV into their brand, we uncovered that it meant not putting a limit on creativity and that there is no limit to how they could advance their clients’ success. Afterall, some of the greatest contributions to our world were imagined not by those who simply “thought outside the box”, but those who threw out the box completely. The initial use of this video was to kick-off the Bergan KDV “No Boundaries” event – an internal event which would introduce the new branding as well as their new CEO, Dave. No pressure, right?! With the bar being set so high, we could have easily said the idea was too much, impossible. But with the “No Walls, No Boundaries” mindset, settling just didn’t make sense. We concepted an idea and took on a challenge that was totally new to our team, and learned valuable lessons along the way. I hate to be cliche, but never limit yourself. Strive for the impossible, every single day. At the end of the day, the client was stoked with the final product and we were thrilled to have been able to provide an awesome experience. Thank you to our friends at BerganKDV for the opportunity to share your new brand!

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