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Kline Electric

Project Description

Late last year, Shane Kline wanted to showcase his company’s culture.  He came to Bing Bang to figure out the best way to show off the kind of work environment he has worked hard to create at Kline Electric.  So, Bing Bang dug in and began to figure out the best way to tell Kline Electric’s latest chapter in their brand story.

We began by producing the video above, featuring employees telling the company story themselves.  The video became even more powerful since the team members weren’t in on the secret reason we were there to film the video.

That’s where part two of our project comes in – at the team end of year banquet, the above video was followed by Shane Kline’s announcement that the company was about to become employee owned.  We wanted to capitalize on this announcement to make a lasting impact to the company culture.  That’s where the Kline electric wall installation came into play. In the video below, you can see the artwork we designed so that his 140+ electricians, apprentices and managers (all of whom are now owners) would feel a sense of ownership and pride every day when they walk through the halls of Kline Electric.

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