Jealous Podcast Episode 20 | Krista Bennett, Smokey Row2020-11-05T16:11:23-06:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 20 | Krista Bennett, Smokey Row

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Jealous Podcast Episode 12 | Krista Bennett 

In this week’s episode of Jealous, Emily is back with her guest, Krista Bennett, owner of the popular local coffee and restaurant chain, Smokey Row! Emily quizzes Krista on some Smokey Row history, how she got the idea to start a coffee shop and where it got it’s name! Krista chats about some of the exciting partnerships she’s been working on, the different hats she wears around the business and the future for Smokey Row. You’ll learn a lot about both Krista and your favorite coffee shop in this episode. Enjoy!

Thank you for joining us, Krista, and any time you need a flavor tester, just let us know!

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