Jealous Podcast Episode 38 | Sarah Pratt2021-07-23T16:15:27-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 38 | Sarah Pratt

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Jealous Podcast Episode 38 | Sarah Pratt

In this week’s episode of Jealous Podcast, we have Iowa royalty in the building! Sarah Pratt, also known affectionately as, “The Butter Cow Lady”, joins us to talk about how she earned this coveted title. Sarah has been sculpting butter cows, among other subjects for a number of years for the Iowa State Fair, as well as fairs all over the country.

Sarah, Melanie and Mackenzie talk about how she got her start, how persistence pays off and why she is excited to pass down her title down in the future. Sarah talks about her excitement for this year’s Iowa State Fair after COVID-19 postponed last year’s event.

Mackenzie’s fan girling gets a little out of control, but all in all, she keeps her cool.

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