Jealous Podcast Episode 32 | Melanie Suljic2021-05-07T14:48:15-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 32 | Melanie Suljic

Project Description

Jealous Podcast Episode 32 | Melanie Suljic

In this week’s episode of Jealous Podcast, Mackenzie sits down with Bing Bang’s newest team member, Melanie Suljic! Melanie will be taking on the role of Client Development Manager and will spread the good word of Bing Bang and help tell the stories of our amazing clients.

Melanie and Mackenzie cover a wide range of topics including Melanie’s family, her path to Bing Bang and her passion for volleyball and coaching. This woman has truly done it all…and done it with a smile on her face. Melanie is the real deal and we are so glad she’s a part of our team!

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