Jealous Podcast Episode 29 | Megan Eldred2021-01-28T20:22:58-06:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 29 | Megan Eldred

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Jealous Podcast Episode 29 | Megan Eldred

In this week’s episode of Jealous podcast, we talk to our newest team member, Creative Strategist, Megan Eldred! Megan is an Iowa native, who grew up around near Cedar Rapids as a Cyclone, but transitioned to a Hawkeye after attending college at the University of Iowa. Talk about a house divided!

Megan gives Mackenzie a rowing lesson, the two talk about Megan’s busy month full of weddings, moves and honeymoons and even drop a couple spoilers from The Bachelor.

Welcome to the team, Megan. We are so glad you’re here.

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