Jealous Podcast Episode 31 | Mental Health Professional, Julie Mertz2021-04-09T10:02:02-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 31 | Mental Health Professional, Julie Mertz

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Jealous Podcast Episode 31 | Julie Mertz

In this week’s episode of Jealous Podcast, Sam and Mackenzie sit down with mental health professional, Julie Mertz. Julie is a co-owner of Ampersand Holistic Wellness in Des Moines, Iowa and focuses on marriage and family health counseling.

As we’ve talked about before, jealousy, just like happiness or sadness, is an emotion, so Mackenzie and Sam really were really excited to hear Julie’s point of view about why she thinks jealousy occurs and how people can use it to their benefit. Basically, from a mental health point of view, why are we feeling jealous and how can we make it stop when those thoughts sneak in?

The three talk about everything from jealousy to imposter syndrome and even talk a little about love language and enneagrams!

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