Jealous Podcast Episode 7 | John Bosley2020-07-23T11:09:52-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 7 | John Bosley

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Jealous Podcast Episode 7 | John Bosley

In this week’s episode of Jealous podcast, Sam invites the talented and hilarious John Bosley, owner and artist of Bozz Prints, a creative powerhouse that specializes in prints, posters and tshirts in West Des Moines’ Historic Valley Junction. John’s sense of hustle and witty sense of humor shine through as Sam and Mackenzie grill him on what jealousy means to him and how he comes up with all of his bad ass ideas for his highly popular Midwest themed art.

Check out Bozz Prints online: or swing by his brick and mortar store in Historic Valley Junction.

You can also see more of John’s work by following Bozz Prints on Instagram @bozzprints
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