Jealous Podcast Episode 8 | Jamie Dhabalt2020-07-29T21:36:03-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 8 | Jamie Dhabalt

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Jealous Podcast Episode 8 | Jamie Dhabalt

We’re seeing double in this week’s episode of Jealous podcast! Sydney invites her twin sister, Jamie Dhabalt to join us. Jamie is a national board certified counselor with her master in clinical health counseling from UNI. Watch (and listen!) as Sydney, Jamie and Mackenzie try to get to the root of why jealous feelings sneak in and how to handle them for good. Jamie discusses the many benefits of therapy, why it’s time to squash the stigma around it and discusses the importance of mental health, especially right now. Plus, she leaves us with a few quick tips that will help improve your mood right now! Enjoy!

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