Jealous Podcast Episode 26 | Jacqueline Cordova2020-12-17T16:42:33-06:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 26 | Jacqueline Cordova

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Jealous Podcast Episode 26 | Jacqueline Cordova

In this week’s episode of Jealous Podcast, Mackenzie and Mark sit down with Jacqueline Cordova, Social Media Direct at Cyclone Fanatic! It’s a big week to be a Cyclone with the Big 12 Championship taking place this weekend, and Jacqueline gives us a behind the scenes preview of what her team will be covering while in Arlington, Texas! Mark reveals he’s “Clone to the Bone” and is looking forward to being in the stands during the big game.

Mackenzie and Jacqueline talk through what it’s like to be a creative, how Jacqueline got her position with CF (sliding into DMs can be more productive than you think!) and even dabble in a little Bachelor Nation conversation!

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