Jealous Podcast Episode 35 | Jacob Repp2021-06-25T14:35:26-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 35 | Jacob Repp

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Jealous Podcast Episode 35 | Jacob Repp

In this week’s episode of Jealous Podcast, Mackenzie and Melanie interview special guest, Jacob Repp. If you’re from the Des Moines area, you’re probably familiar with his name. In 2017, Jacob began his mission to meet as many people as he could, but with one simple requirement: the individuals he met had to be different from him in one way, whether that was gender, sexuality, political views, etc.

Jacob’s mission has been going strong ever since, and with the help of his social platform of choice, LinkedIn, he’s been able to meet a variety of incredible people who have helped shape who he is today. During our conversation, we talk about why Jacob is such an enthusiastic advocate for his favorite city, Des Moines, Iowa and his role with Young Variety, a Children’s Charity in Iowa.

Thank you for joining us on Jealous podcast, Jacob! Our mission to name you Mr. LinkedIn begins now!

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