Jealous Podcast Episode 41 | Chris Williams2021-09-04T09:53:22-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 41 | Chris Williams

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Jealous Podcast Episode 41 | Chris Williams

Jealous Podcast is back – and we aren’t the only ones! College football has made its triumphant return and the Bing Bangers all (well, mostly all) agree that this is the best time of the year.

Ahead of this weekend’s big Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk game we brought in local expert and all around great fella, cofounder of Cyclone Fanatic, Chris Williams. If you’re listening to this podcast and are familiar with college football at all, you know who Chris is!

We cover a range of topics, including ghosts (yes, ghosts), sprint car racing, and make some predictions for the big game during our new “Mark’s Burning Question of the Day” segment. Chris talks about how he started his business and how he once had dreams of Hollywood!

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