Jealous Podcast Episode 44 | Alisa Woods2021-09-27T12:14:03-05:00

Jealous Podcast Episode 44 | Alisa Woods

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Jealous Podcast Episode 44 | Alisa Woods

In this week’s episode of Jealous podcast, we are joined by a gal who has mastered the art of creating the perfect macaron, Alisa Woods! Alisa, Leigha and Mackenzie discuss how Alisa started her business, Sift n Sprinkle, while home with two small children at the beginning of the pandemic and her continued success. She also talks about how her grandmother inspired her to enter her first Iowa State Fair contest and just how creative her entire family is!

Also, keep your ears peeled for the gals’ new podcast: Mandy Moore’s Triplets (we might be kidding).

Thank you for joining us, Alisa, and thank you for the macarons!

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