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Iowa State Association of Counties – Case Study

Project Description

Election Day is tomorrow – and we sincerely hope you exercise your right to vote, no matter who you’re voting for.
The Iowa State Association of Counties had a publicity problem.  Key “backfill” funding was on the chopping block in the state budget and ISAC members (the 99 counties of Iowa) felt that their issue was underrepresented to the general public.  So Bing Bang was tasked with creating video content to promote the backfill.
But what good does that do if no one sees it?

Part two of the campaign was a digital campaign to promote their issue general awareness of the costs of cutting county funding.  A coordinated pre-roll, Facebook, and Twitter campaign ran alongside a targeted PR and media campaign that generated impressive video view rates and local press coverage.  Eventually, at the last minute, backfill funding was saved in the 2019 budget leading to a big win for the Iowa State Association of counties and residents of the 99 Iowa counties who depend on county services.  That’s just something to think about as you’re sitting in the polls tomorrow thinking about the power your vote and the officials you help elect can have!

Thank you to Iowa State Association of Counties for letting us help get your voices heard!

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