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GRL Law: What To Do When Stopped for Being Intoxicated

Project Description

Client: Gourley, Rehkemper and Lindholm, PLC (GRL LAW)

Campaign Name: What To Do When Stopped for Being Intoxicated

Business Challenge: Gourley, Rehkemper and Lindholm, PLC (GRL LAW) is always pushing the envelope in their fight for the ‘good guy’ and people’s rights everywhere. GRL continues this fight with their latest video focusing on a personality-driven and visually-intriguing run-through of the steps you should follow if you are ever pulled of for being under the suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Campaign Goal: Position GRL LAW as thought-leaders while continuing to grow awareness of the firm’s no-quit mentality and their strong, relentless pursuit of protecting the rights of people just like you and me.


One snowy night in October, the Bing Bang and GRL LAW teams went to work creating and shooting this insightful piece. Embracing a picture-perfect snowglobe-like night for shooting as well as many challenges (including but not limited to: lighting, tight filming spaces, and even the flu, our crews were able to come together and produce this high-impact story of a mistake that some of us have made while intertwining the actual attorneys themselves into the fabric of the plot. While the campaign has just started, we are sure that the engagement rates will be up on this one as we continue to work with GRL LAW to not only create their message but ensure people see and hear it for when they need it.

Disciplines Used:

Video, Social Media

How It’s Different: Visually engaging, high-impact storytelling coupled with education and awareness.

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