Shelby Stites: Marketing Your Business on Social Media2021-10-06T12:14:52-05:00

Shelby Stites: Marketing Your Business on Social Media

Project Description

As you may or may not know, our team here at Bing Bang has been growing with more creative minds.

In today’s episode, we are giving the two-finger wave to our new account strategist Shelby Stites who loves creating content, football, and talking to herself on walks.

In this conversation, Shelby and Mackenzie discuss:

-The power of using social media for your business

-Who is Shelby when she’s not in the office

-If it’s normal to eat chili with cinnamon rolls

And more!

We know you’re going to laugh listening to these two talk *either with them or at them* so click play now! If you enjoyed this episode, take a picture of where or how you’re listening to this episode and tag on in your Instagram story @itsbingbang! We’d love to personally thank you for tuning in!