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Closing the Deal, With Video

Project Description

The Client: MindFire Communications, a fellow marketing agency partner based in Le Claire, IA

Campaign Name: Skogman Knows

Business Challenge: Execute a commercial video campaign for our client MindFire Communications and help them achieve deliver a high end video product to satisfy their client, Skogman Realty.

Overview:  MindFire came to Bing Bang looking for a partner. They were producing a campaign of commercials and had a strong concept, but needed help translating their killer storyboards and scripts into on-air worthy spots. The Bing Bang video team heard the call, and worked closely with MindFire to plan the shoots.  Then, we packed our bags for Cedar Rapids, where we completed a two-day shooting blitz alongside MindFire where we gathered enough materials to create one thirty second creative commercial, two 15-second spots and one agent template was customizable to individual Skogman Realty agents. Our role was to bring MindFire’s plans to life as well as going above and beyond to avoid any roadblocks that could prevent MindFire from satisfying their client.

Results: A clean, consistent and eye-catching commercial campaign for Skogman that impressed the agents and hit the airwaves in the markets that Skogman serves.  Agents liked the templates so much that 15 of them purchased their own customized spots!

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