Happy Thanksgiving from Bing Bang2020-03-26T00:23:13-05:00

Happy Thanksgiving from Bing Bang

Project Description

It’s not a big secret that Bing Bang has so much to be thankful for. The health of our staff, the refrigerator that magically stays full with the best drinks AND our amazing clients who continue to challenge and make us better every single day. This year, we wanted to spend some time thinking about…the little things. Whether it be Netflix to provide the perfect background mood or a beautifully boxed vino that can turn a bad day around. The little things in life sometimes get overlooked or set aside to focus on larger events. So, here’s our little reminder to include the little things on your list of things you’re thankful for this year. Will cranky Aunt Millie give you a strange look when you describe the comfort and versatility of a good pair of mom jeans? Probably – but it’s worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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