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Bing Bang’s Super Debut

Project Description

Client: Greenland Homes

Campaign Name: Discover Your Dream Home at Greenland Homes – TV and Digital Campaign

Business Challenge: Greenland Homes is a premiere homebuilder in the Des Moines metro wanting to raise their profile and show how they can help home shoppers across the metro discover their dream home.

Campaign Goal: Create positive buzz and excitement for the spring home buying season.

Overview: In late 2017, Greenland approached Bing Bang with a challenge. With a growing and competitive local home builder market, Greenland wanted to raise their profile, and showcase their brand.

As the Bing Bang team began brainstorming, the idea of purchasing broadcast media to begin the brand “buzz” and then following with a lengthier digital media push to continue to build momentum and target their key demographic took hold.

With the Super Bowl and Olympic Winter Games quickly approaching, the Bing Bang and Greenland Homes teams quickly went to work to produce a 30-second ad to be broadcast during the Big Game and throughout NBC’s Olympic coverage.

The end result? A fun, lighthearted yet relatable commercial for all the hardworking Moms out there – who just happen to drive home purchasing decisions. “Every Mom Deserves a Fairy Godmother” features a hardworking Mom arriving home after a long day of work. As she gathers herself to deal with a cramped and messy home (and her less than ideal family), her fairy godmother, Davida, arrives to help. Davida surveys the scene and quickly realizes what would help Mom deal with the craziness of life – a new, spacious and sparkling home. With a snap of her fingers, Davida the Fairy Godmother works her magic, giving Mom the home of her dreams, and the family of her dreams.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though! The commercial dropped on social media after airing, and the Super Bowl commercial is just the start of a spring “Discover Your Dream Home” campaign to get Des Moines-area home shoppers excited about finding their dream home on a variety of channels, including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

The Results: As of this writing, the :30 second spot has garnered more than 10,000 views in less than 24 hours on social media, and we’re seeing great engagement.

Disciplines Used: Digital marketing, Social Media, Broadcast

How It’s Different: Getting the right message for a local brand on one of the biggest stages of the year.


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