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Bing Bang Revs Up Event Promotion for Iowa Corn 300

Project Description

The Iowa Corn Growers Association has partnered with Iowa Speedway to bring the Iowa Corn 300 IndyCar race to Central Iowa for over 10 years and it’s a match made in racetrack heaven.

The Indy Cars that captivate race fans run on corn-powered ethanol, which makes this annual race the perfect platform for Iowa Corn to promote the benefits and power of corn-based ethanol. As with any high-profile event, sponsoring the Iowa Corn 300 takes a lot of planning to pull off an effective promotion.

That’s where Bing Bang comes in and the rubber really meets the road.

The first step is promoting Iowa Corn members’ attendance at the race, and driving awareness of homegrown ethanol here in Iowa. To help accomplish this, Bing Bang team created a direct mail piece which personally invites each member of Iowa Corn to attend the race with access to a hosted hospitality tent. Those who RSVP’d received a Race Day t-shirt (which, you guessed it, was designed by Bing Bang’s bang-up graphics team). This shirt serves as a ticket into the hospitality tent, so you’ll see few thousand members show up on race day proudly wearing their Iowa Corn shirts. Talk about brand advocates!

The next step in the campaign focuses on public awareness.  Iowa Corn wanted to run a TV commercial statewide from Memorial Day though race day (July 9) – and they turned to Bing Bang to create an impactful 30-second commercial.

Our experience shooting video on farms across Iowa helped us come up with a dynamic high impact video to execute Iowa Corn’s messaging in the final television commercial.

Keep an eye out for this spot which is already on the airwaves in Iowa and keep an eye out for more – race day is on the way!

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