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Bing Bang and the Hubbell Realty Extreme Build

Project Description

Campaign Name: Hubbell Realty Extreme Build Sponsor Support  

Business Challenge: Because the build was taking place over a two-week span, Hubbell Realty feared it would be difficult to gain awareness and keep the momentum during the whole process – as well as recognize all individuals who helped support the project of this size. 

Campaign Goal: Keep the Des Moines public engaged with Hubbell Extreme Build during the entire 11-day process as well as give recognition to trade sponsors donating time, material and money toward the build. 


Last month, Hubbell Realty kicked off their fourth Hubbell Realty Extreme Build project in downtown Des Moines. With an 11-day, around-the-clock timeline, Hubbell Realty along with several trade partners and sponsors from around the state had the remarkable goal of building a brand-new, 18-room home for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Iowa. This house would replace the previous Ronald McDonald House, used by countless families who would take shelter here while their children or loved ones were receiving medical care from Blank Children’s Hospital located across the street. 

As if the Hubbell Realty team did not have enough on their hands with the day-to-day operations and communications between their countless volunteers, trade partners and sponsors – they also needed a way to relay the progress and goal of their project to the general public throughout the build. It was also especially important to Hubbell Realty that we find a way to observe the top sponsors and volunteers for their generous donations. During an initial discussion with the Hubbell marketing team, Bing Bang knew that social media would be the most effective way to push content and keep those interested in the build aware and up-to-date on the entire process.  

 The Bing Bang team promptly got to work and created a daily content calendar that would cover four main topics each day, ensuring all of the Hubbell Realty’s goals would be met. Each day would include two sponsor posts. These consisted of short, 30-second sponsor videos, created by Bing Bang, to recognize and thank an individual sponsor for their help during the build. Our team gathered footage necessary for these over the course of the 11 days, which gave us the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the progress ourselves – a very eye-opening experience to say the least. Following the sponsor video would be a live Lunch Hour Update video handled by the Hubbell Realty team, giving a live, on-the-scene news package update to the public. We would close out the day on a high note by posting real-life stories of families who have used the Ronald McDonald House in the past, giving the project even more of a human element and adding significance to the end result Hubbell Realty was working toward. By using a questionnaire created by our team, we were able to relay the meaning the Hubbell Extreme Build will have on families in the future – making it worth every hour spent on the support.

The Results:  

By spending days on the jobsite with the hardworking volunteers and trade partners, creating nearly 20 sponsor videos in an 11-day span and writing several Ronald McDonald House stories – we were able to complete our goal of building out and executing an engaging, up-to-date content calendar for our friends at Hubbell Realty. By posting several times throughout the day consistently, we were able to cast a wider net and capture the attention and stir up engagement from a broad audience. 

More importantly, the Hubbell Extreme Build was completed on time thanks to all of the sponsors, volunteers, trade partners and of course the Hubbell team themselves, who worked around the clock – literally – to ensure the project would be successful. 

Overall, the Hubbell Realty team was extremely happy with the results and the content our team was able to provide and we were more than happy to be a part of such a unique and important project for families who truly deserve it. 

Disciplines Used: Digital media, traditional video production, creative writing and social media. 

How It’s Different: The constantly moving timeline of this project really kept the Bing Bang team on our toes. By visiting the jobsite sometimes several times a day, we were able to gather footage for a piece that needed to be live the very next day.