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Bing Bang Hits the Campaign Trail

Project Description

Client: Kiernan for City Council

Campaign Name: “I Like Mike” Television Ad

Business Challenge: As Election Day 2017 approached fast and furious, City Council candidate Michael Kiernan wanted to increase his visibility in the highly competitive Ward 3 council race. The Ward 3 candidates as a whole raised an unprecedented amount of money, which made the race even more competitive – and made getting candidates visible on TV even more important.

Campaign Goal: Reintroduce Michael Kiernan to Des Moines voters and show his commitment to the community after an absence from politics spent concentrating on his family. The ad’s focus – show Mike interacting with neighbors, friends and local business owners while highlighting his campaign’s focus on public safety, progress and potholes. Simple but true, Des Moines voters care about their city services including road maintenance.

Overview: Bing Bang was approached by the Kiernan for Council campaign to help create an ad that showed Mike’s personality and his commitment to the Des Moines community in late October. With Election Day 2017 rapidly approaching, the Bing Bang crew swept into action, working closely with Michael and his campaign to craft a script – getting the right tone and pacing was a collaborative process.

Once the team got the script to a solid place, it was time to shoot! The Bing Bang and Kiernan teams used the Sherman Hill neighborhood, Mike’s home and area businesses within Ward 3. Bing Bang was in almost constant communication with Mike throughout the week to make sure we captured a good mix of constituents.

After a couple days of shoot we had a great amount of footage captured and the Bing Bang crew got right down to editing, working with Mike to create his vision, all while on a very tight timeline!

The Results: After the ad was completed, the Bing Bang team worked with television stations and the Kiernan social media team to get the ad live and in front of the local Des Moines audience.

After a hard-fought race, Michael’s campaign didn’t quite get the result they wanted in terms of an Election Day victory, but the Kiernan team felt very good about the campaign they ran – a campaign focused on issues and the growing Des Moines community.

Disciplines Used: Video, Television, Social Media

How It’s Different: On-the-fly response, politically-focused



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