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Bing Bang Edits One Monster of A Project

Project Description

Client: KCL Engineering

Campaign Name: IAAPA Theme & Thrill Video Editing

Business Challenge: The KCL Engineering team heads yearly to the biggest ‘theme and thrill’ convention in North America, the Annual IAAPA Convention (International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) to showcase their latest and greatest roller coaster specialty lighting designs and effects. Unfortunately, the KCL team was unable to get the Bing Bang crew on site to capture professional video in time for the convention but they were able to provide mobile phone video from previous roller coaster lighting tests.

Campaign Goal: Grow awareness of KCL Engineering’s offerings and expertise in the theme and thrill world by showcasing already existing footage in an impactful way.


As soon as KCL showed us the pre-existing video footage of their light show from the Monster at Adventureland, we knew that we were going to be up against a bit of a challenge. Why? Because we were tasked with editing videos that would be shown to thousands of people from… cell… phone… video! (we’re glad it was horizontal!) Nevertheless, we had a blast editing that footage into a fast-paced eye-catching ‘sizzle reel’ that would often stop passersby mid-stride at the convention. On top of that, we were even able to provide KCL with an edit that shows off the Halloween-themed Monster ride as it is intended to be taken in – as one continuous show.

The Results:

“It’s hard for anyone, even some amusement park professionals, to understand what our system is capable of without seeing a show in-person. After all, seeing is believing, right? That’s why the videos professionally produced by Bing Bang were immensely helpful at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando.  The high-energy videos were the best way to portray the intrigue of our system and ultimately spark the emotion of amazement.  We felt once a potential client saw one of the videos, our conversations were fast-tracked into productive discussions about real projects because clients understood the possibilities.” – Julie Eliason, KCL Engineering Director of Marketing

Disciplines Used:

Video Editing

How It’s Different: Re-purposing content, Video/Audio Syncing and Editing


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