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Bing Bang Creates Virtual Reality for Education Trailer

Project Description

Campaign Name: ABC of Iowa Experience Trailer

Business Challenge: The current generation of people holding the majority of careers in the trades is quickly reaching retirement, leaving a large number of unfilled jobs and unqualified future workforce.

Campaign Goal: Grow awareness of opportunities in trade careers to a new generation as an alternative to junior college or universities. Educate people (specifically those ages 16-18) on the apprenticeship programs offered by ABC of Iowa.


During the Spring of 2017, Bing Bang was contacted by Vice President of Training & Education Services at the Associated Builders & Contractors – Iowa Chapter (ABC of Iowa) inquiring about the possibility of collaborating on a series of videos to promote their apprenticeship program. ABC of Iowa is a non-profit construction trade association that fosters the principles of freedom of choice through the merit construction philosophy. With the goal of promoting their highly-popular apprenticeship programs in 2018, the ABC team gathered a task force of internal team members and trade partners to develop a plan of attack. The initial strategy was to build a trailer full of hands-on activities for high school students to get a better idea of the opportunities for careers in the trades and construction. As additional support, ABC needed the help of Bing Bang to create individual informational videos on each trade.

As 2017 chugged along, progress on the trailer began to stall. This was our cue to shake things up. Because we knew the importance this trailer had to ABC of Iowa and the impact it could have on students across Iowa, we quickly realized our services for this project extended far beyond video support. With the goal of providing a unique experience for ABC’s audience, Bing Bang proposed a new plan to the team which included: virtual reality video, a full-length brand video, engaging key messaging, floor-to-ceiling support graphics and a structural design provided by our friends at Skyline Dynovia.

Along with receiving the green light from ABC of Iowa to move forward, the Bing Bang team also received a very hot deadline! The trailer needed to be completed in 30 days for the Open House debuting the new ABC of Iowa training facility in Hiawatha, which Governor Kim Reynolds and several trade partners would be attending. So, Bing Bang got to work with building a customized virtual reality app, scheduling video shoots, creating graphics and writing key messaging that would appeal to Iowa teenagers.

The Results:

After three weeks of long days and even a few long nights, the ABC of Iowa Experience trailer was complete. The final product made its debut to the public October 10 at the new ABC of Iowa Training Facility in Hiawatha and Bing Bang’s goal of turning this trailer into a full experience was met. Upon entering the trailer, the user is greeted with engaging graphics and educational but hard-hitting messaging to set the scene. With 3 VR stations, a person is able to enter and experience first-hand the worlds of electric, plumbing, welding & HVAC with the touch of a button. Once the tour through the trailer is complete, the user should have a better understanding of career opportunities within the trades, apprenticeship opportunities and annual compensation. Now that it is complete, the ABC of Iowa Experience trailer will begin its tour of the state, visiting high schools to educate and motivate students to consider a career within the trades.

The trailer has received rave reviews by the ABC of Iowa team as well as those from the public who have had the chance to interact, including Governor Kim Reynolds. It has also received positive feedback from the Eastern Iowa media outlets that attended the event, KCRG & The Cedar Rapids Gazette.

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