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Ultimate Crew: Behind the Job

Project Description

Vermeer Corporation worked with Bing Bang to execute the 3-time AMA Iowa NOVA award winning campaign, Ultimate Crew.  The campaign celebrates the underground construction industry and the hunt for America’s best drill crew. This two-year long fully integrated marketing campaign kicked off in 2015 with the search for the Ultimate Crew. HDD drill crews across the U.S. and Canada were invited to submit their stories sharing why they should be considered the “Ultimate Crew.” From a field of almost 70, a panel of independent industry experts selected eight semi-finalists. From there, the Bing Bang team swung into action, traveling across the U.S. and Canada in a mere two weeks to shoot and edit individual video stories about each crew.

Bing Bang’s goal? Tell each crew’s story in a unique, distinctive way, highlighting the personality of the crew members, and making each semi-finalist’s story accessible yet gripping to the online community following and participating in the competition. After a period of public voting, the semi-finalists were narrowed down to a field of four. These four top drill crews competed in the Vermeer Underground Showdown, a drilling skills competition held within the confines of a Vermeer tradeshow booth.

Bing Bang fully covered the live drilling event, managed a jumbotron system within the booth and broadcasted the competition via the web live so drilling aficionados across the world could watch as the teams competed. The winning crew, the Boyer family of B&T Drainage, Inc., hailing from Marshall, IL walked off with a prize package worth more than $200,000. After a victorious return to their hometown, Vermeer Corporation and Bing Bang followed the Boyer family throughout their everyday lives on the jobsite and beyond to tell the inspiring story of underground construction contractors as well as highlighting the ability of Vermeer products to make a substantial difference in the busy, demanding lives of their customers. This 5-episode web series and its accompanying social media and video content told the story of the “Ultimate Crew: Behind the Job.”