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Arnold Motor Supply

Project Description

In 2017, Arnold Motor Supply had a big reason to celebrate – their 90th anniversary! At Bing Bang, we were tasked with helping make their 90th Anniversary Celebration a hit – showcasing the company’s history, growth, and present success. Bing Bang produced the above video from script to final product to showcase the company’s brand new distribution center, a source of pride among the community and the workers at AMS.

Bing Bang also created a series of testimonial videos (one of which can be seen below) in which Arnold Motor Supply employees tell the company story in their own words.

But, that’s not it!

Bing Bang’s contributions did not end with video. From designing trophies and invitations, writing scripts for the event and creating centerpieces for the banquet, as well as pitching and coordinating successful media coverage of the event, Bing Bang was key in helping Arnold Motor Supply pull off an event worthy of the accomplishments that started 90 years ago. Aaaand, through this whole project, our team had their eyes on the bigger picture, too – capturing material for months worth of social media content that is being used to promote the Arnold Motor Supply Brand.

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