50 Years a Farmer: Bing Bang Honors Iowa’s Corn Farmers2017-09-01T10:40:24-05:00

50 Years a Farmer: Bing Bang Honors Iowa’s Corn Farmers

Project Description

Throughout 2017, Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) has been celebrating its 50th anniversary. Earlier this year, the Bing Bang team came together to brainstorm how we could help ICGA celebrate their achievement and the achievements of their members in a compelling way that would excite both association members and the general public.

Since its beginning, ICGA has been a platform to advocate for farmers’ interests, all while telling their stories. Along with fulfilling their more pragmatic agenda, Iowa Corn also spreads the perspective of farmers and their lifestyle.

The Bing Bang team felt that coupling the power of video and personal life stories of farmers would create a love letter to a way of life that both farmers and the public they serve could understand and appreciate. With the concept of 50 Years A Farmer, the Bing Bang team and ICGA wanted to show life through the eyes of a farmer, the human values of being a steward to the land and the heritage of the people who produce our food. More often than not these farmers’ lives personify passion, patience and love.

Over the course of several months, the Bing Bang team traveled to every corner of Iowa to capture the life lessons farmers have learned from their 50-plus years of experience caring for the land.

After Bing Bang compiled and created the 50 Years A Farmer video story, the Iowa Corn team launched the video at their annual Grassroots summit to help celebrate their members, while also launching it on their social media channels, garnering more than 16,000 views and counting and several hundred engagements online.

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