Iowa State Association of Counties – Case Study


Election Day is tomorrow - and we sincerely hope you exercise your right to vote, no matter who you're voting for. The Iowa State Association of Counties had a publicity problem.  Key "backfill" funding was on the chopping block in the state budget and ISAC members (the 99 counties of Iowa) felt that [...]

Keltek Brand Story


Everyone loves a good challenge, especially the Bing Bang team! So, when our friends at Keltek, an Iowa company that services the entire public safety industry, came to us with a challenge, we were stoked. The challenge: Craft a genuine story using video that would make a human connection with [...]

Closing the Deal, With Video


The Client: MindFire Communications, a fellow marketing agency partner based in Le Claire, IA Campaign Name: Skogman Knows Business Challenge: Execute a commercial video campaign for our client MindFire Communications and help them achieve deliver a high end video product to satisfy their client, Skogman Realty. Overview:  MindFire came to Bing Bang looking [...]