The Times Are A-Changin

As a Hubspot Agency Partner and an avid Adobe Creative loyalist, the news that broke last week when Marketo acquired Adobe sparked a bit of conversation to say the least. Comments ranged from “So What?” to “Oh, sh**!” but at the end of the day we knew it was something that we should keep our eyes on to ensure we are in the cat bird’s seat when it comes to providing our clients with the best solutions.

Recently, I came across an e-mailed statement attributed to HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan, he wrote that the Adobe-Marketo deal is “further evidence” that businesses selling products and services to other businesses are increasingly trying to streamline and take a “platform approach to marketing, sales, and service.”

“It’s the thinking behind our own expansion over the last few years into a comprehensive growth platform,” Halligan wrote. (In its early days, HubSpot focused on search engine optimization and online marketing software geared toward small- and medium-size businesses.)

We’ll continue to keep our eyes on this moving target but for the meantime we are extremely comforted by Halligan’s remarks. Afterall, marketing technology, software and methodologies are always changing and adapting with the times.

Knowing that it’s going to change more in the future is exciting. How our orange sprocket loving friends over at Hubspot will evolve to keep us in that catbird seat still remains to be seen…. But, it’s going to be fun to be a part of – that’s for sure.


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