The Bing Bang Best: Super Bowl 2019

Well, Super Bowl LIII has come and gone. Regardless of how uneventful the game itself ended up (Tom Brady is going to run out of fingers soon, right?!) or how ~*great*~ Adam Levine’s abs looked during the Maroon 5 halftime performance, the Super Bowl is a little like Christmas morning for this group of Des Moines marketing professionals. Why? Oh, you know why! The advertisements, of course. As marketers who are always looking to provide the new and different for the clients of Bing Bang, Super Bowl ads are there to inspire us, make us laugh and even show us, in real time,  how to “stir the pot”…we’re looking at you, Bud Light.

The Bing Bangers took a little time to jot down their favorite ads this year and give a little explanation why. So, take a look! Did your favorite make the list? We’d love to hear about it!

If you weren’t able to tune in during last night’s big game, you can watch them here!



Favorite Ad: Michelob Ultra – The Pure Experience
Why: One of the biggest challenges when it comes to advertising is grabbing attention – especially during the big game. This spot grabbed all of mine because it was just so damn different. It was nothing like all of the other fare. The spot experiments with ASMR, an internet trend that started about a decade ago. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s basically defined as a type of video full of sounds that create a calming or lightly pleasurable effect. Kudos to Michelob for trying something new (and, yes, for Zoe Kravitz, too!)



Favorite Ad: Hyundai with Jason Bateman as the Hell-ovator operator.
Why: Love a commercial that is relatable, has a favorite celebrity that can deliver the LOL lines! I’m interested to hear about Hyundai’s brand awareness and sales numbers after this commercial. I looked at their Twitter replies during the game – completely on point. Gotta love a brand that is on media channels.



Favorite Ad: Amazon Prime
Why: This was such a clever ad! It is always funny to watch as things don’t go as planned, the hot tub Alexa was my favorite Alexa device gone wrong!



Favorite Ad: Doritos: Chance the Rapper & Backstreet Boys
Why: I always look forward to Doritos bringing their best creative to the Super Bowl. Always a sucker for a good mash up, this year’s ad just spoke to me. Chance the Rapper AND the Backstreet Boys? Yes please. And not to mention, that song is a real banger. Good work, Doritos. Call me, Aaron Carter.



Favorite Ad: Walmart Grocery App TV Commercial, ‘Free Grocery Pickup: Cars’ Song by Gary Numan
Why: Loved the way the cars arrived based on their mobility in the movies and tv shows.


Favorite Ad: T-Mobile Taco Bell
Why: I thought this commercial had a number of things going for it – the lack of voiceover grabbed my attention and once it did, the insightful texting conversation proved T-Mobile’s understanding of their platform – I mean we’ve all had that “What’s for dinner?” conversation at some point, haven’t we? Lastly, it drove it home with a unique offer (I love a campaign with a strong, unexpected offer!) with Free Taco Tuesdays at Taco Bell. Almost enough to get me to switch to T-Mobile from my cell phone provider who has never given me free food before…


Favorite Ad: I really liked Hyundai with Jason Bateman as already mentioned.
Why: Great mix of humor and Brand play, well done Hyundai.

Ad: I also loved the 100 years of NFL commercial.
Why: To see all of those past and current stars together in that ad was special. A feel good moment for the NFL and they could use some of those. And we got to see TB12 hand off his 5 at the time rings just to remind us all who is the GOAT.

Ad: Google, again, stood out for me.
Why: They are so on brand and always on point. The translation ad was clever and well done. The Veterans ad was a huge home run for me. Added the intrigue at the beginning and then started to pull at your heartstrings with military pride and then ended it with a solution they are providing to bridge the gap. Showcased who they are once again in a clever and fun way all while giving back to help make lives better and easier. Google, you are good.

Ad: The Audi Choke.
Why: I loved the fun play within this one even if it really didn’t make sense or help connect me with the brand, it did make me chuckle and it was fun.

Ad: Sketchers was a fun one that made my whole family laugh.
Tony Romo added some star power to help get their brand message across with some humor and product placement. A safe good play for Skechers that will result in success at the bank.

Bud Light Love them or Hate them, they draw attention. Get people talking about their brand. Some positive some negative but they always seem to do a great job of grabbing awareness in a crowded market.


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