What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do with Karri Rose

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do with Karri Rose

Not sure what to do in your career next? Karri Rose feels you.

She left her dream job at AVEDA to stay true to who she was but she was still left scared, heartbroken, and confused.

But she made it out on the other side…

Karri developed her new dream of Rose Farm which is 25 acres of perseverance, passion, and pollen where she gifts people the experience of taking a sabbatical from life.

Trust us when we say you will leave this episode feeling inspired and speaking with a little Arkansas twang.

So without further ado, click play >>HERE<<

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Karri spent 21 years working next to small business owners and service providers when she gave up her role as Executive Director for the #1 beauty brand, AVEDA, to pursue her passion. Her greatest joy is developing people through teaching, coaching and mentoring. Karri finds pleasure in being a servant leader, bringing people together and fostering genuine relationships. Karri’s farm is a reflection of the commitment she has made to leave this world a better place.