Turning Your Passion into Reality with Patrick Graham

Turning Your Passion into Reality with Patrick Graham

You guys, we’re SO excited for today’s episode with Patrick Graham, a commercial real estate associate who lives a double life as a race car driver.

For over 30 years, he has followed his passion of competitive racing while balancing a growing career in commercial real estate… and recently getting into race car announcing.

*That’s right people, he wears a lot of different types of suits!*

Through the years, Patrick has found parallels from business suit to racing suit through marketing efforts and you are going to LOVE the racing insights he shares in this conversation.

In this interview, Patrick, Mark, and Mackenzie discuss:

  • How to find time for all of your passions
  • How to carry over skillsets into various industries
  • Why comradery is so important in growing the sport
  • The unwritten rule with race car drivers

…and more.

>>We hope this incredible conversation with Patrick inspires you to pursuit your passions and to treat people the way you want to be treated.<<

Start your engines and click play >>HERE!<<

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Patrick has been involved in automobile racing for 30+ years throughout the Midwest, winning many championships along the way. He has teamed up with many charities over this time as well to help get donations for such worthy causes as JDRF and many other events to benefit others. Patrick also enjoys meeting the young race fans helping to promote the sport. Along with this passion, Patrick also is an announcer for the Racindirt.tv broadcasts that is seen by thousands on Pay-Per-View broadcasts throughout the year.