A Peek Behind the Lens of Todd Buchanan

A Peek Behind the Lens of Todd Buchanan

Have you heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

As content creators, we know that to be true… But we’re here to tell you that it’s worth so much more than that.

>>With everyone having the ability to take photos from their phones, it’s easy to spot good photography in a sea of poor quality photos not only because of light and image quality, but they share a story.<<

If you want to know the story behind some award winning photographs, you will love our guest today, Todd Buchanan.

In Todd’s pursuit of great pictures, he has been held at gunpoint in Iraq, rappelled out of helicopters, and trekked across the arctic to capture the best possible images for his clients. 

In this interview, he is giving us the behind the scenes look at what it took to take iconic photos all around the world… and how that has transferred to Corporate Event Photography!

Ready to dive in? Click play >>HERE!<<

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In Todd’s pursuit of great pictures, he has been held at gunpoint in Iraq, rappelled out of helicopters, worked on an Amish farm, trekked across the arctic for National Geographic, waded through oil tanker spills and shot off an aircraft carrier to make sure I got the best images possible for my clients.

During that time, he’s been fortunate enough to be part of 2 Pulitzer Prize winning teams and traveled the world for his clients, but his mission is still to produce great images every day. A wise professor in college taught him that, “You are only as good as your last frame (photo)”. Awards are great, but he takes to heart that we must always strive to excel and keep producing great images and use the latest technology to get your images to the largest audience.

Now his work focuses on capturing the best possible images from his clients meetings, events, annual reports, application briefs and using his teams experience and technical expertise to create web-based solutions for sharing images on tight deadlines. Digital Video has also come to the forefront as they produce multimedia packages that can be used in a variety of social media settings.

His current work includes meetings & events, annual reports, editorial, advertising, application briefs, executive portraits & public relations photography.