Brooks Reynold Explains How Lobster Rolls Ended Up at the Iowa State Fair

Brooks Reynold Explains How Lobster Rolls Ended Up at the Iowa State Fair

Have you ever considered that we are all one moment, one experience, one weekend away from a completely different life?

Our guest today, Brooks Reynold, is a highly successful entrepreneur who has blended his diverse passions with his unique ensemble that has made him world-famous for his Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

With strong family ties to the Iowa State Fair, Brooks jumped at the opportunity to start another endeavor of opening JR’s SouthPork Ranch on the fairgrounds.

As JR’s enters its sophomore year at the Iowa State Fair, Brooks is focusing on expanding their beer options on tap, unique flavors to add to their menu, and having an even better time on the dance floor!

We’re honored to welcome Jon’s guest to record this podcast today to discuss his famous lobster rolls at the Iowa State Fair.

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Most Iowans know Brooks Reynolds as the co-founder of the world-famous Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. But his love of the Iowa State Fair is a family tradition.

In the 1950s, after Brooks’ uncles returned from World War II, they set up tents at the fair where they sold knickknacks, radios and chickens. Then in the 80s, Brooks’ mother, Jody, volunteered at a tent on the hill for Variety The Children’s Charity.

And for two years, Brooks himself sold Bacon on a Stick in a corner at Jalapeño Petes. Now he’s continuing his family’s love of the fair by launching JR’s SouthPork Ranch, an all-new watering hole with one-of-a-kind homemade food and homegrown entertainment.