The Fifty Dresses of Anna Foley

The Fifty Dresses of Anna Foley

One of our favorite parts of what we do at Bing Bang is creating strong relationships with our clients in all industries. 

Whether they come in for a creative strategy session or we are out on a video shoot with them, we love creating marketing solutions for businesses in all different stages!

That being said, our new Client Manager, Anna Foley, is no exception.

We loved getting to know Anna more as she is creating a path of success for our clients to meet their marketing goals.

In this episode, you’ll hear Anna’s raw answers to the following questions:

  • What keeps her so positive
  • What is something she wants to do that she hasn’t done yet
  • What has surprised her the most at Bing Bang
  • And more mindless questions that Shelby came up with!

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