Athletic Mindset Evolution with Madi Kubik

Athletic Mindset Evolution with Madi Kubik

Are you prioritizing your mental health?

>>Today, our guest is Madi Kubik, a University of Nebraska volleyball player, and she’s about to open up about what she’s doing to put her mental health first as a student athlete.<<

Madi has been a competitive athlete her whole life which has given her memories that leave her with goosebumps down her arms and pressures to continue to perform at a higher level.

And in this episode, she shares the evolution of her mindset with YOU!

In this conversation, Madi talks about: 

  • How to prepare transitioning from high school sports to collegiate competition
  • The importance of a healthy mindset in athletics
  • What her why is for her senior season at Nebraska
  • and more!

Madi is clearly wise beyond her years so we’re so excited for you to hear our conversation today. Click play >>HERE<< to dive in!

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