Let’s Get Personal: 40 Questions with Grace Mohr

Let’s Get Personal: 40 Questions with Grace Mohr

Are you wondering who creates all graphic content for Bing Bang and our clients?

If so, we’re going to *re*introduce you to her today!

In this episode, Shelby had the pleasure of getting personal with Grace Mohr, Bing Bang’s graphic designer, on all aspects of her life.

And boy, the questions were coming in hot!

You’ll hear Grace open up about:

  • What utensil she eats mashed potatoes with
  • What occupation she would like to have if she wasn’t a graphic designer
  • Why she wanted to come back to Bing Bang
  • and more.

We know that whether this is your first time meeting Grace or you’re catching up with her,  you’re going to take some conversation starters away from this episode, so without further ado, click play >>HERE!<<

P.S. – There’s nothing we love more than collaborating, creating, and building businesses TOGETHER… so feel free to connect with us @itsbingbang and let’s get a conversation started!