Ty Rushing Shares Tips on How to Evolve Storytelling to Grow Your Audience

Ty Rushing Shares Tips on How to Evolve Storytelling to Grow Your Audience

  • Why would someone come back to journalism?
  • What is the impact of community storytelling?
  • What’s the answer to ending racism in Iowa?

These questions and more will be answered in today’s episode. 

Our guest today, Ty Rushing, is a journalist, editor, speaker, and documentarian who is known for publishing a scroll-stopping headline or two.

He writes stories for the Iowa Starting Line focusing on Iowa politics and general news around the state, and he also released a documentary where he traveled around Iowa and talked to black community leaders on how to end racism.

We couldn’t think of a cooler person to open up conversation around this topic, educating all of us about Iowa’s black history, and emphasizing the challenge black Iowans take on to end racism… when it’s not up to them.

Click play >>HERE<< and if this is as important to you as it is to us, check out Ty’s documentary, Telling Our Own Story: Ending Racism, >>HERE.<<

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A native of Kansas City, Kansas, Ty Rushing has been making a name for himself as a reporter in the Hawkeye State since 2013.

Throughout this journey, Ty has done everything from writing about his experiences as a Black transplant adjusting to living in Iowa to penning heart-warming features to profiling prominent community leaders and politicians from the central part of the state all the way to its northwest corner.

The 30-something writer, social media expert and public speaker is always up for a challenge.