Shape What You Have into What You Can Be with Chris Cuellar

Shape What You Have into What You Can Be with Chris Cuellar

There is nothing we believe in more than humanizing brands and businesses to create an authentic connection with their audience.

Which is why we absolutely LOVE bringing on guests to the podcast. They give us a direct line of insight to people’s stories and turn the jealousy that we have towards them into a source of inspiration and motivation to better ourselves and the life we want to create.

So…Let’s dive into today’s conversation with Chris Cuellar, the Communications Director for the Iowa High School Athletic Association. He entered a position where no one knew what defined the role so he took matters into his own hands and we are honored to welcome him to the Jealous Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss:
-Taking on the learning curve of job transitioning
-The power of creating content that your audience wants to consume
-Current “fire starters” Chris is addressing

and more.

Mackenzie and Aaron absolutely loved having this conversation with Chris and we’re sure you will too, so click play >>HERE!<<

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