What’s Eating at You with Robert Deitch

What’s Eating at You with Robert Deitch

Have you ever had something that was eating at you?

Something that you can’t get out of your head? Or something that just lights up your soul?

This feeling is something Robert Deitch is all too familiar with and is exactly what you’re about to hear about today!

Robert is a singer and MusicRow staff writer, who has written over 25 songs that have been cut by other artists. Robert writes meaningful, image filled songs that provide the listener a vivid story experience with a voice that can be described as blue collar smooth, yet gritty.

Like a fine bourbon, with a hint of gravel dust.

In our conversation, Robert talks about leaving the boardroom to take a chance on a melody that’s always been playing in the back of his mind and how that has led him to work with some of Nashville’s finest.

Yes, Shelby’s jaw left a hole under her seat.

We all have the ability to be a Dorito in a world of potato chips, click play to hear Robert’s journey of listening to that hunger >>HERE!<<

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