Do More with Less: Creating Your Own Luck with Sean Brennan

Do More with Less: Creating Your Own Luck with Sean Brennan

“Continue to create…”

That phrase is what has gotten our guest today, Sean Brennan, to become an Emmy nominated videographer.

So how did he go from Loras College to becoming a director of photography and freelancer in New York?

That’s exactly what you’re about to hear today… and how you can use his knowledge on this craft to create content that you’re proud to rewatch!

Sean has worked with CBS Sports, LinkedIn, and eBay *just to name a few* to share stories through documentary style filmmaking.

Most recently, his 2021 NCAA College Basketball Championship introduction has been nominated for an Emmy that featured Jon Hamm.

>>As you can probably tell, Sean Brennan is a creative genius and that’s exactly why we had to have him on the Jealous Podcast!<<

Sean and Sam were classmates together at Loras College and he is so excited to pick his brain on content creation in a field that they are both passionate about!

This conversation is all about creating your own luck by educating yourself and building relationships to continue to move you forward.

We know you’re going to love learning from Sean as much as we did, so let’s jump into the conversation >>HERE!<<

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