Interviewing Karen Schaeffer: How Age Is Just a Number

Interviewing Karen Schaeffer: How Age Is Just a Number

If there’s something where you don’t like what you see, are you going to complain or do something about it?

>>Either way, you are going to *LOVE* today’s podcast episode. It’s very special because my special guest is Jon’s mom, Karen Schaeffer!<<

We decided to bring Jon’s mom on the podcast to discuss the way she felt women are portrayed in theatre and how she was able to do something about it.

*Not to mention she had never written anything until she was 49 years old.*

From the perspective of a fearless mom, you’ll hear:

  • How Iowa became her family’s home
  • Karen’s process of how Girls Weekend came to be
  • The importance of showcasing women at every age 

…and of course, we take a trip down memory lane about what it was like to raise Jon!

Mackenzie and Karen became best friends during this episode and we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we loved recording it. Click play >>HERE!<<

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