Look at This Photograph with Rodney White

Look at This Photograph with Rodney White

You guys, we’re SO excited for today’s episode with Rodney White, one of our very own Content Creators.

When Rodney pulls up a photo he’s taken, he goes back to that moment when he was hitting the shutter button as she remembers every detail.

*That’s Rodney MF White for ya!*

As a photographer, Rodney has been able to go to some *pretty cool* places to capture some *pretty cool* moments.

In this conversation, Rodney and Mackenize discuss:

  • BTS of his time photographing the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece
  • How technology in photography has changed
  • What it’s like to photograph at the Super Bowl
  • What makes a great photo

…and more.

>>We hope this incredible conversation with Rodney shows you that behind every photo is a story waiting to be told.<<

Click play >>HERE<< to dive in!

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