Chapter 8: Joey Hinke’s Vision Quest

Chapter 8: Joey Hinke’s Vision Quest

Are you ready to hear a bigger-than-life story?

Today’s guest is Joey Hinke who some might say (Brandon) is the best-dressed guy that has ever joined us on the Jealous Podcast.

He got back from an 11-day vision quest where he was isolated by himself for four days and we can’t wait to share what he learned with you.

>>We didn’t know where this interview was going to go, but by the end, Mackenzie’s eyes were glossy with tears and her ears were wanting to hear MORE.<<

Something we all took away from this conversation is to lean into who you are… because it’s a beautiful mess!

In this episode, Mackenzie, Brandon, and Joey discuss:

  • Finding support in business and life
  • The power of reading to enhance your thoughts 
  • Not knowing what you’re working through until you’re in it
  • Following the nudge

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