We We’re on a Break

We We’re on a Break

You may remember a couple of months ago we recorded a podcast episode talking about taking a break, and at the end, we encouraged you all to take a break as well.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a Ross and Rachel debate!

In case you hadn’t heard that one, we let you know that we would be resharing some of our FAVORITE episodes with guests we’ve had on the podcast (talking about entrepreneurship to enneagram and everything in between).

Mackenzie and Shelby were more than ready to sit back down from our break to discuss:

  • Life and office updates while exposing what they’re jealous of
  • The future of Jealous Podcast and how we want YOU involved
  • What they learned through taking a break 

Ready to hear these two back on the mic? Click play >>HERE!<<

If you have anyone you want to hear on the Jealous Podcast, let us know by sending us a DM on Instagram and we just might be able to make that happen! Reach out to us >>HERE<<… we can’t wait to hear from you.