Oh Buddy… It’s Jon Schaeffer

Oh Buddy… It’s Jon Schaeffer

We’ve had Thanksgiving, Christmas, a 5-pound weight gain, and Britney Spears freed since the last time we recorded an episode of the Jealous Podcast.

During our time apart from you, the Bing Bang Team added a new member to the family and you’re getting the honor of meeting him in today’s episode.

*Insert drumroll here*

Jon Schaeffer is our newest content creator where he is going to showcase our client’s stories through video. But don’t worry, there’s more to Jon than being the man behind the camera! 

He went to school to be a pilot and is a former hockey player so it’s safe to say that has is a multidimensional husband and father over here.

In his conversation with Mackenzie, they discuss:

  • Where his passion for storytelling came from
  • His lifestyle adjustment from television to Bing Bang
  • The story behind him working with Will Ferrell

If you’re ready to hear the many accents and voices of Jon, click play >>HERE<< and you won’t be disappointed!

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