Best of Series: Linda Fruits

Best of Series: Linda Fruits

As Mackenzie is a mom of two, she tends to endlessly scroll through mom Instagram accounts while comparing her experiences as a mom to other women.

That’s why when she came across the Fruits of Motherhood account created by Linda Fruits, she knew she had to get her on the Jealous Podcast!

This episode was originally recorded in 2020 and my how things can remain the same even as change happens.

In this interview with Linda you’ll learn:

  • How her mom spam account got started
  • The difference between relating and comparing yourself to other mothers 
  • How she stays creative when creating content
  • Her biggest surprise of becoming a mother
  • How she cultivated a brand that resonates with her audience 

WE KNOW you’re going to love this one just as much as Mackenzie did. If you’re excited to dive in to the last installment of our “Best of” series, click play >>HERE!<<

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