Billy Weathers: Inspiration Over Jealousy

Billy Weathers: Inspiration Over Jealousy

What was the first CD that you ever bought?

*Did we just age ourselves a lil bit?*

Billy Weathers is a hip-hop artist, philanthropist, and activist and today he is going to share with us how to challenge others through creativity.

*Not to mention he went from listening to Nelly from a CD in his back pocket to opening up for him this past weekend!*

As a recording artist, Billy is dedicated to Inspiring others (and himself) through his lyrics, outlook, and perspective to create value in ourselves, our community, and our world… and that’s what we are discussing today.

In this interview, Billy, Aaron, and Mackenzie discuss:

  • How he came to be a triple threat
  • Everyone’s favorite Nelly songs
  • The power we have to get uncomfortable within ourselves in order to grow

and more.

We absolutely love this conversation and we’re sure you will too, so click play now!

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