Lights, Camera, Action!: The Video Production Process

We’ve been busy as of late. Creating and shooting and writing and strategizing… and because we like to show off a little… sharing! One particular piece that we recently shared gained a lot of attention. That spot was our video based around a warehouse. Yep, we said it – a video about a warehouse. It doesn’t sound like the sexiest of productions when you put it that way, but as we all know, there’s a story behind everything. And, that’s what we set out to do: create a video that would connect with our Arnold Motor Supply’s target audience of internal stakeholders, customers and prospects at Arnold Motor Supply’s 90th Anniversary Celebration this past spring by telling a story. After all, storytelling is one of the oldest methods of communication there is – connecting audiences everywhere.

When this Iowa video production went social, we got a lot of response from the Des Moines market as well as some new contacts from around the Midwest. Lots of questions were asked about how the video all came together, and, it was obvious from the questions we received that not very many folks thought video was more than simply ‘clicking and shooting.’ So, we thought we’d put together this basic road map of the many different stages of a Bing Bang video production.

The Download:

You talk… and we listen. In these initial sessions, we discuss your goals for your group or business so we can create a concept that delivers your specific message to your audience and/or specific personas. What mood do you want? What style? Give us your ideas and we’ll produce a concept that answers all of those questions. But, we’ll be quick to point out that just as with any touchpoint, your brand essence and virtues should come into play.

Video Conception:

After attaining the intended audience and the goals from the client, we assemble our creative team for a brainstorming session. We establish the tone and feel of the video, and rough out a loose concept, or two… or five.

Video Copywriting:

We pass along the winning concept to our copywriters to draft up some initial copy. We typically will run a couple drafts of the script internally to make sure we hit the key points of the client’s brand voice and goals from the video.

Once we feel the script is in a good place, we share it with the client for feedback and make any revisions that they may request. A good creative agency and video production team will never try to make their idea work if it doesn’t fit with client desires and expectations.

Is everyone on board? Now, it’s time to get visual!


Now it’s time to give those words feelings. We’ll strategize about which images will drive home your message. We’ll capture photos from your favorite locations, explore new spaces, or create pictures of what we’d like to create. Not very often will we rely on stock imagery. Stock photos don’t make us too happy. We’ll lay it all out on a storyboard so you can see your ideas come to life.


Video Pre-Production: 

It’s prep time! Here, our project leaders will search for and/or create props. We lay out the best equipment from our Des Moines video production headquarters making certain that we choose the most appropriate cameras to capture the best images and the most efficient lights for the best mood. We also make sure to double check our video production arsenal for anything that will make the spot stand out more. Perhaps, our certified drone video pilots should be part of the gig, too. Or, maybe our newest foray – 3D and virtual reality video production will make the piece stand out. Regardless of the project, we’ve got the tools to get any job done.

We’re not done yet, though. Let’s pick a voice for your story. Do you want an upbeat, face-paced tone? Or more serious, laid-out emphasis. We’ll find two to three voice-over artists. The client picks the one who they feel will tell the story best. Next, it’s time to jam! Music can stir up feelings, while putting forth the tone in order to make more connections. We’ll search our database or compose a custom track with professional artists to make the perfect soundtrack of your story.

Ready to roll?

Video Production:

We start the day early, loading up all the equipment that we will need for the shoot. After we travel to the destination, we locate an area in the space where we can stage our equipment. We’ve been all around Iowa, Texas, Illinois, Utah, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas and Georgia… just to name a few states. Hell, we’ve even shot in Australia and Italy so far this year.  We don’t travel light, though, so it is necessary to have space available to charge our multiple batteries throughout the day. We shoot until we have everything we need, every angle, every base covered. Often we will shoot several different scenarios so we have some options in post production. No day is too long. Bing Bang was built on hard work, but, when the day finally does end, we pack up and hit the road… leaving the place cleaner than we found it!

Video Post-Production:

Once we get back to our Des Moines video production headquarters from the shoot, we begin to offload all the captured video onto our server. We keep all the raw material and depending on the scope of the shoot, we will often go through each camera and build a clip reel. Clip reels are the best of the best shots assembled in a timeline to help assist the editor when he begins the master edit.

The next step is to schedule a voice recording session with the chosen talent. Typically, we will have the account manager, creative director, and the editor in the voice over session to help coach the talent on our needs. If we’re telling a powerful story, we’ll need one powerful storyteller.

Now it’s time for the editor to begin the master edit.  Depending on the length of the video this can take anywhere from 8-40 hours.  Once the first edit is complete, the editor will go through and color correct all the footage.  Due to different cameras and lenses, everything needs to be brought together and given a consistent look. Once this is complete, the editor will go through and color grade the footage. This involves many different processes, but the end result will tie all the footage together and give it a professional look and feel.

When the initial edit is completed, and reviewed internally, it is sent off to the client for feedback. Warning: this may take a bit. The Bing Bang team has high standards and nothing goes out the door until it meets our own high expectations. When the feedback arrives, the editor makes revisions, if there are any, which can include everything from music tempo changes to shot choices.

The new edit is then sent off to the client for approval.

And, once approved… it’s a wrap!

What’s Next?

It’s the one question that we always ask our clients. Having a video is great and all, but how will it be used? Will it just live on your website? Or, should it be shared, socially? As we all know, social media continues to grow and evolve providing a unique audience and countless opportunities for your story to be told.

Or, as was the case with our friends at Arnold Motor Supply, if the video is being presented to a large audience, let us help you!  We have access to large screens, HD playback, and audio for any size venue.

If you’re looking for your brand story to be told harnessing the power of video, we’d love to talk! Just give us a little information and we’ll get right back at ya!

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