For the Record: What’s Old is New Again 

Every office has its own musical vibe – sometimes people put on headphones and Spotify it up through the work day or some shut their office door so they can really crank some tunes on their computer speakers.  Here at Bing Bang, while we’re running through brick walls for our Des Moines marketing clients, we play music for the whole office – up until recently it was one of our co-founders Brandon who used his old iPhone connected to a Bluetooth speaker to blast everything from Otis Redding to Rihanna on a daily basis.  

Just like our different office sound systems, marketing today offers so many ways to get your message out to potential clients and the methods seem to change almost monthly.  These days, if you aren’t using a good mix of SEO, PPC, social media, and a geofilter or two, chances are one of your competitors is.  There’s so much to stay on top of, and as our team found out at the Inbound 2017 conference, those changes aren’t slowing down any time soon. 

Well, one day, that iPhone and Bluetooth speaker disappeared from our location near Valley Junction (thanks, Brandon), and that’s when the fun began. When our other co-founder Dave told us about the 1960s jukebox he had, we knew it could fill the silence that was deafening during our workdays – but we didn’t know we’d be gaining a new office obsession.  As soon as this dream machine came into our office, we had to go find some 45s (and figure out what 45s looked like) to test it out. We came back with a motley assortment of Michael Jackson, Elton John and Glenn Campbell, and we were hooked on the warm sound, the imperfections of vinyl and the task of keeping it stocked with music so we wouldn’t be driven crazy by listening to “The Girl is Mine” on repeat.   

But along with this new obsession came drawbacks – the menu selection to choose your record? Unpredictable to say the least – picking a song was a “guess and check” method and it would drop out of songs seemingly at random.  It’s clear the jukebox needs some TLC (the maintenance kind – not this TLC). But to us, it’s worth the trouble of fixing because it helps keep our office the way we like it – creative, loud and welcoming. The jukebox isn’t perfect, but it does get the job done for us – in a way that an iPhone and Bluetooth speaker just couldn’t. 

Just like our team learned with the jukebox, sometimes it just makes sense to get back to the tried and true marketing methods – even if they’re a little old school.  While we know you need all of today’s tech to help you reach your customer, you can’t forget about the basics of marketing – the building blocks that will consistently help us deliver success for our clients even as technology evolves rapidly. We believe that at its core, marketing is about relationships and familiarity with our customers. The relationships that we build with our clients help us understand them and their needs so that we can create compelling content to reach their lofty marketing goals.  

It might be a bit old school, but using all of today’s hottest marketing trends means nothing if your messaging is off, or if you don’t fully understand the pain points your clients are looking to have solved.  We believe there’s something about sitting down with someone face to face and getting to know them (maybe over a few Budweisers, right, Dave?) that leads to a process you can’t just replicate with a marketing partner you don’t know personally.   

There’s definitely a time and a place in this world for both the iPhone and the jukebox, but this week at Bing Bang, we’re especially mindful of the jukebox we rediscovered and the relationships that we form with our clients to ensure we’re providing the best experience possible for our clients.   

Ready to explore what a relationship with Bing Bang can do for you? We’d love to spin some records with you and find out how we can help so hit us up here, and we’ll be in touch!

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